Join AAUP@KSU by 1) by joining the email list-serv, and 2) paying local chapter and national AAUP dues using the instructions below.


In order to join the AAUP@KSU email list-serv click here and choose the “Subscribe or Unsubscribe” button on the right side of the screen. You’ll be taken to a screen to confirm the subscription or you’ll be prompted to provide KSU Net ID logon credentials first.


Since its founding in 2005, the AAUP@KSU chapter has approached dues-paying membership from a couple of different perspectives. We respectfully request that faculty members wanting to join the chapter become members of national AAUP and the local chapter.

Recognizing that labor advocacy is new to some, KSU faculty members can support the chapter by paying local dues without a local mandate insisting on national membership. Local members will be added to the AAUP@KSU list-serv.

Our meetings are open to anyone in the KSU community as well, creating, effectively, a third tier of participation wherein interested parties may attend, engage in conversation with, and follow news of the organization. Join us for either of our two social events each semester. Should you decide to join national AAUP membership and/or support our local chapter, we’ll be glad to include you on upcoming business meetings and chapter news.

National dues for AAUP range from $60-$272/year depending on one’s salary and can be set up as a monthly ACH bank transaction like any other bill.

Join national AAUP here.

Local dues for AAUP@KSU are as follows: part-time faculty, $5/year; retirees, $5/year; lecturers and senior lecturers, $5/year; assistant professors, $10/year; associate professors, $15/year; full professors, $20/year; administrators regardless of rank, $20/year.

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